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Summer course
Four days of trowing, all levels are welcome!

What are you learning?

All levels are welcome in these summer throwing weeks. As beginners you will learn how to wedge, center and make a bowl and cups and trim them. If you have already followed a beginners course with us, it is possible to do the program of the follow-up course in 4 days. But you don't have to, you can also organize these days yourself with the help of the teacher.


Decoration and glazes

During these throwing weeks we will make use of decorating with engobe (colored slib/clay). We will discuss different techniques such as: sgraffito, template technique, intarsia, spatter, stamping and color gradient. You can choose which techniques you want to use and even combine them. 


After the ceramics are made, they have to dry for 1 to 2 weeks before they go into the kiln for the first time. Normally we glaze at the end of the course, but because the lessons are so close together, the teachers will glaze the work later. All ceramics are given a nice glossy transparent glaze, which makes the decorations stand out nicely.



The studio is located in UNIT 13 of the Labs55 building at Lulofstraat 55 in The Hague.



There are 4 lessons of 3.5 hours (10:00-13:30), Monday to Thursday. A throwing week is offered every week of the summer holidays. There must be a minimum of 4 participants for the course to take place. The maximum number of participants is 8. ​


The cost of a course is 315 euros. You can register here: register summer course.

Firing of 2kg of work is included, firing extra costs 13.50 per kg.

2kg will be enough for most beginners.

Do you first want to see if pottery is something for you? Then follow a workshop first.

Book the course here

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