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From clay to stone

Pottery Workshop Pottery Wheel The Hague The Hague Rijswijk Delft.png


It starts with preparing the clay by kneading it in a certain way, also known as wedging. Then I can center the clay on the wheel and then turn the clay to the shape I came up with in advance.

Pottery course The Hague.png


About a day after a pot has been made I can trim the bottom. This means that I remove excess turned clay and sometimes trim the bottom. Then I let the pot dry for about 1 week before it can be fired for the first time at 1050 degrees Celsius.

Handmade Vases Handmade Vases Jordana Ceramics.png


After the first firing I apply the glaze. I let the glaze dry for a day before putting the pots in the kiln again. This time at 1240 degrees Celsius. The type of clay in combination with the temperature makes the pots waterproof. The glaze is mainly decorative and makes it easy to keep clean.

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